We believe that hope is a beacon, a light on the journey. We want to journey with you on that path to live wholeheartedly and fully engaged lives.   Our heart is to foster and provide a safe harbor for your healing.   We are  Licensed Psychiatrist and Licensed Professional Counselor,  who use our clinical training to address your body, soul, and mind. We have a team of processional that provide quality care to our clients. HOW IT WORKS. Check our team out. Contact the individual therapist or psychiatrist for appointment. Your first appointment will be an assessment. During the assessment session you will be collaborating with your therapist to develop a plan for ongoing care. Then the journey begins.

Who We see…

Individuals 8 years old + Groups Relationship issues Workshops

Upcoming News

Emotional Resiliency psychotherapy group: I have the feels. This is a 6 week group. Click HERE for more information

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Why therapy?


Anxiety treatment

There are various mental issues that fall in this area. Sometimes it feels like your brain will not shut off, panic attacks, or even specific phobias. Through medication,  addressing the specific stresses, and   working on new ways to deal with anxiety we will find ways to promote your new  healthy life style. 




Photo Credit: Ashley McCullers

Photo Credit: Ashley McCullers

Clinical Depression treatment

Sometimes it feels like you are alone and that the pain will never go away, but there is help in the darkness. There are multiple factors that contribute to depression. Through medication and counseling we will work together to address the issues that brought you to this place. 

Depression ›

Other Issues

 Asking for help is not weak, but reveals your strength. 

There are other emotional  issues that we can address as well. We would love to meet with you and start the journey to healing. 

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